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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Home Owning Life

I have been living without internet for the past 30 days and I've actually lived to talk about it. The good part is that I have been so busy that I really haven't had alot of time to waste on the interwebs anyway. But I really have missed blogging. I'm going to make a quick but good post about how things have been before The Walking Dead comes on.

I've been working alot and taking some curriculum courses away. I was away this weekend for one and spent the night at my aunts house, which was really nice. I always love going away to spend some time with her and my cousins.

Work has been so awesome, I have to be honest that it was alittle stressful at first because I didn't have much experience with infants and toddlers, but now that I've been working there for almost 2 months those buggers are really growing on me. I find myself missing them all the time and I'm almost excited to get out of bed and go to work.

These pictures are of me and a little girl I work with, she is so smart and loves my iphone. She'll take it out of my pocket and try to unlock it to get to the camera, then she climbs up in my lap and sits on one side of me so that I can reverse the camera and she can see us and she'll push the camera button. She likes to do funny faces and nice smiley ones. She's such a sweetheart!

 When I'm not working I'm at home cleaning. I spend so much time cleaning and doing housework now, but I will give Justin some credit because he helps me alot on his days off, which I am very thankful for. There is still so much to be done in the house, but it is coming along as I have time to work on it. I finally got my bedroom set up alittle bit more today. I hung some stuff up and justin and I worked on the walk-in and got our clothes all organized. I think my next project will be the downstairs bathroom, because my father and stepmother generously bought me a great housewarming present :) a dryer. I am so thankful for it too, the dryer that was in the house has got to be from the seventies and the belt is gone in it and I can only put a handful of clothes in it most days. It makes doing laundry take forever! So when I take the old one out and put the new one in, I think I'm going to take up the laminate that is covering the hardwood up. I do not understand why people covering beautiful hardwood floors...even scractched hardwood is better than the orange/yellow laminate that is currently on the floor. This room is also the room that needs to most cleaning and organizing. So I'll make this the next to-do. Hopefully I will be able to afford it.

Here are some before and after photos of the master bedroom.


I think having the bed this way makes the room feel so much bigger! 

I love my room. It feels so nice to just have it ready, it's just a different atmosphere when it's not completely wrote off.

And for those who live away and might not know what my house looks like here is a photo :)

I have so many more things that I could talk about, but time is getting close for me to curl up in the livingroom of my mothers and watch the walking dead, then I have to go back to my internet-less house and go to sleep so I will be refreshed to go into work tomorrow and not get home til 10pm because I have first aide courses until thursday :(

I'm hoping that my modem will be here soon so that I can blog from my own house haha

Stay Happy!


  1. The bedroom looks AMAZING! i wish i could come to the housewarming and see the whole thing but hopefully on christmas break. congrats again - gorgeous home!

    1. Thanks so much bail! and don't worry about the party, we can do a girls christmas party or something :) sometimes I still can't believe I own it!

    2. oh and enjoy your trip!! can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Awesome reno! Love the curtains, and the afghan on the chair, and the old "vanity". Love the HOUSE...*jealous*.

    1. Thanks laura!, I found a much better mirror to go above the vanity! I'll post a photo soon. I wish that that all the rooms in my house were done, but that will be a LONG ways away LOL!